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History of Great American Deck Builder (GADB)

Become the Newest Hero of Your Neighborhood by Turning Dreams Into Beautiful, Affordable, & Enduring Reality

The American home is at the very center of the American dream.  That dream, unfortunately, is continually becoming more hectic and stressful as modern life places more and more demands on precious family time together. 

Today’s homeowners need a special place where they can easily escape the craziness of the outside world and relax in their own private sanctuary. They long for a beautiful gathering area where friends and family can come together in the fresh air and sunshine and enjoy magical moments of outside fun and relaxation. 

Now you can make those treasured dreams an affordable and enduring reality, while at the same time achieving your own dreams of business ownership!

Turning Dreams Into Reality!

With Great American Deck Builder (GADB) you can now become the MVP for a winning hometown team that can easily and affordably transform a once-boring backyard into exciting outdoor oasis.  

Now you can build an exciting and sustainable future by providing a wide variety of consistently popular, completely customized and incredibly durable outdoor structures for an amazing price that’s substantially lower than most competitors. 

  • Decks
  • Patios with cover deck
  • Garden Structures
  • Front porches
  • Railings
  • Fencing
  • Arbors
  • Docks
  • Lighting
  • Wet bars
  • Sun Rooms
  • Custom Leisure Environments
  • Outdoor living products
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Steps for Front or Rear Entries
  • Handicap access ramps
  • Shower enclosures
  • Custom Construction

Your customers will love their wonderful new addition, and the word can quickly spread all through the neighborhood that you are the one who made it all happen… and at such a great price!

You can also enjoy the reassuring confidence that comes from knowing that your efforts and accounts are always backed with exceptional service, top quality construction, and our exclusive railings that provide continuing strength and safety while serving to frame the structure for a beautiful and enduring future.

State-of-the-Art Building Materials

Today’s consumers want their homes to be built strong and durable, look great, and remain easy to maintain as the years go by.  They expect the same in any additions to their property, and have learned to trust Great American Deck Builder (GADB) for consistently delivering superior products, professional performance and exceptional results.

Our goal is to consistently meet and even exceed these common and reasonable expectations by using state-of-the-art composite building materials last a lifetime, and then framing the project with our own top quality safety railings. 

As a direct result of our strong company-wide commitment to excellence, our exceptionally attractive structures last far longer than traditional wooden decks, do not require frequent staining and sealing, and remain dependably sturdy and looking great for decades to come.

Proven Track Record of Success

While many independents struggle to survive in such a highly competitive marketplace, we just keep growing and growing and growing even bigger!  In fact, in the past three decades our company has successfully designed, delivered and built well over $100 Million dollars in custom-designed decks, and now you too can be part of our remarkable growth with your own franchised business.

With well over five thousand top-quality, long-lasting customized decks, porches and other popular structures already completed, we are now ready to build on our widespread reputation for affordable excellence through an innovative low-cost program that offers you an exciting opportunity to own and operate your own highly focused business without all the employees and expensive equipment costs that are often required in many franchises.

Comprehensive Franchise Opportunity

We offer a uniquely innovative and surprisingly affordable business opportunity with everything needed for creating and starting a dynamic new business.  Best of all, we offer all of this while at the same time avoiding the need to maintain an enormous inventory and other unnecessary ongoing costs that can severely impact entrepreneurs struggling to survive in this complex, competitive market.

It’s all here with no costly sudden surprises, hidden costs, or unforeseen necessities.  Other than some basic office equipment, there’s little equipment required, and your training and initial start-up activities are also included.

Exclusive Program Advantages & Benefits
  • Affordable Franchise Program
  • Comprehensive Opportunity
  • Easy to Create – Easy to Operate
  • Limited Equipment & Inventory
  • Low Ongoing Overhead Costs
  • Work from Home or Showroom
  • Continually Renewing Market
  • Widely Popular Products
  • State-of-the-Art Materials
  • Fast-Start Oriented Training
  • Dependable Sub-Contracting
  • Large-Account Sales Assistance
  • Committed Franchise Support
  • Targeted Marketing Strategies
  • Promotional  Programs & Help
  • Financing Guidance & Assistance
  • Highly Motivated Franchisor

 Carefully designed to help substantially reduce their initial investment, material costs, and ongoing operating costs, our comprehensive franchise system allows for more efficient & effective operation.  As a result franchisees can enjoy the liberating freedom to focus their efforts on expanding the size & scope of their specific role in the franchise, while sub-contractors handle all construction work.

Exceptional Growth Potential

Our unique franchise program offers you an exceptional opportunity to own and operate your own business that services a continually renewing market without the need for huge inventory storage or expensive overhead

Now you can service an incredibly diverse, continually renewing market of:

  • Homeowners
  • Small Businesses
  • Schools & Townships
  • Investors & Developers
  • Even Major Corporations!

It’s no wonder so many homeowners are interested in adding to and upgrading their home.  Considering how much it costs each year in property taxes, landscaping and lawn care, it’s no wonder homeowners spend so much time dreaming of taking bull advantage of such a precious and personal resource. 

Whether it’s a homeowner looking to make his or her home more functional and comfortable, or a motivated seller looking to make an available property more desirable, the incredibly strong market for customized construction continues to grow offering you a remarkable opportunity for long-term business operation.

Simple to Create - Easy to Operate

Great American Deck Builder (GADB) has creative an affordable franchise program that offers you an exciting opportunity to own and operate your own highly focused business without all the incredibly expensive initial equipment and employee costs that are often required in many other more expensive franchises.

We’ll help you keep start-up costs low and start-up time brief.  With very little equipment, and no immediate need to hire employees, you can easily work from home while keeping your current job.  Start your new business out of a spare room, and step up to a storefront-type office when you decide its time to grow. 

Work at Home or Open a Showroom

Don’t settle for less when you can now enjoy more!  Why pay and pay and pay for costly business expenses you don’t really need? 

With our flexible franchise you can start in a spare room at home, and then grow into a beautiful and efficient showroom when you decide you’re ready to grow.  That means you can quickly and easily create your new business without all the unnecessary upfront expense, and then expand the size and scope of your new business the way you want, when you want, and, best of all, still keeping your costs manageable and consistently affordable. 

Ideal Add-on for Active Professionals

While custom home construction has become a highly competitive field, many contractors find themselves struggling to survive in this challenging industry.  Our multi-faceted franchise can make an ideal add-on to your already existing business and provide viable solutions to many of your most serious problems.

Most problems facing independent contractors are often the end result of being overwhelmed with too many responsibilities, activities, and difficulties.  Because they must handle everything by themselves, these entrepreneurs don’t really have the time and resources to effectively run the business of their business.

While they may be good at building things, many entrepreneurs struggle with common but necessary related business functions such as advertising, discount buying, and successfully overcoming new challenges.  Our franchise program helps solve these problems with proven systems, network buying power and a dedicated franchise support team.

Unlike many independents who must go it alone with limited offerings and very little buying power, our franchisees can dramatically improve their position by taking full advantage of all our powerful competitive advantages & benefits, multi-faceted – multi-revenue stream operation, proven systems, and dedicated ongoing support provided in this innovative and affordable franchise program. 

If you are already in the business and would like to learn more about how you can quickly increase the size and scope of your business without having to invest in a great deal of costly equipment, we invite you to contact us for more information about reaching your full potential through our innovative franchise.

Franchise Training & Ongoing Support

With Great American Deck Builder (GADB) you never have to worry about struggling alone without experienced help or guidance in a complex and ever-evolving marketplace.  Our dedicated support team stands ready to help and assist you in pursuing your goals of long-term business ownership.  We’ll be right there guiding you through each new challenge in expanding the size and scope of your business.

Franchisees participate in a training program that is truly comprehensive, detail oriented and well designed for rapid start-up.  Working at a pace that’s right for you, we will work with you step by step ensuring that you are properly educated and fully prepared to begin generating positive new business activities.

Once your initial training is completed, we’ll continue to assist in systematically growing your business, reducing your expenses, and properly servicing your customers.  Whenever you need help, advice or answers, we’ll be just a phone call or email away ready to assist in continually moving your business forward.

Your Role in this Business

If you know how to close the customer - we know how to build the project!

The Master Builders at Great American Deck Builder (GADB) are looking for talented communication professionals who understand how to generate initial interest, and then turn interested new prospects into well informed and highly excited buyers. 

If you understand how to effectively establish a positive initial relationship, properly present a highly popular and proven product, and aren’t afraid to ask for business, an affordable Great American Deck Builder (GADB) franchise may be an ideal vehicle for pursuing your long-term financial goals through franchised business ownership.

Simply Focus on What You Already Do Best - SELL! - Your Sub-Contractors Handle the Construction

With our innovative program Great American Deck Builder (GADB) franchisees simply concentrate on generating new prospects, closing new deals, and oversee project construction. 

Because all construction activities are handled by pre-approved sub-contractors, you will be free to focus on one specific role – finding more customers - while highly experienced sub-contactors service all your customers.

Therefore, you don’t need a background in construction or home remodeling services, but we do prefer candidates with some sales experience and serious about pursuing their goals by employing the following personal traits and abilities:

  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Confident, Disciplined, & Energetic
  • Follows Proven Systems & Procedures
  • Self-Motivating & Detail Oriented
  • Goal Oriented – Success Driven
  • Eager to Become an Entrepreneur

Ready to Take Charge of Your Destiny?

The time for action is NOW!

We need to select, train and empower our franchise team as soon as possible. 

If you’re truly serious about taking real control of your career through business ownership, we’re ready to help you start building a new and exciting future. 

Build a Better Future with the Master Builders at Great American Deck Builder (GADB)

Exciting Ground-Floor Opportunities in Protected Territories are Now Being Awarded on a Strict First-Come, First-Served Basis!

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