Frequently Asked Questions - Franchising With Great American Deck Builders (GADB)
  1. Why can’t I go into business for myself independently?

ANSWER – Anyone who confidently possesses the hands-on market-proven expertise, efficient systems & operating systems & procedures, material resources, has the ability to deal with each new unforeseen challenge is certainly welcome to go it alone.  Keep in mind, however, that the track record for long-term success as an independent entrepreneur is historically very bleak.

Repeated studies have found that over 90% of all new independent American entrepreneurs will find themselves quickly out of business in just a few years.

Conversely, over 90% of all franchises sold in this country are still actively operating more than 10 years after first opening their doors for business!

That’s why so many entrepreneurs prefer to invest their precious time, effort and resources in a dynamic business model that can dramatically improve their chances for profitable long-term operation. 
In the end it is you who must ultimately decide if franchising with Great American Deck Builders (GADB) is right for you.  We strongly believe that once you learn all the details and evaluate the potential of this innovative opportunity, you will be able to make the best possible decision for your and your family’s needs, interests and long-term goals.

  1. What are the advantages to buying a comprehensive franchise system?

ANSWER – When independent entrepreneurs complain of the many competitive advantages that franchisees enjoy, they have reason to be envious of all the valuable resources that are provided by a comprehensive franchise program. 

Most businesses will eventually face a wide range of difficult problems, complex challenges and unforeseen occurrences, any one of which could cripple or doom a new business.  While an independent entrepreneur has only limited personal experiences and insights to draw upon, franchisees can quickly contact dedicated support staff to discuss and develop specific strategies for properly dealing with these common (and potentially deadly) business obstacles.

Instead of going it alone, Great American Deck Builders (GADB) franchisees are free to fully enjoy the many powerful advantages of a proven business model with highly efficient systems and procedures, continuing access to dependable support for help and guidance, widespread name recognition, and significant increased buying power.

In addition, our multi-faceted, comprehensive franchise also offers::

  • Low Initial Start-Up Costs
  • Easy to Create – Easy to Operate
  • Minimal Inventory Requirements
  • Generous Fully Protected, Highly AttractiveTerritories
  • Multiple Profit Streams
  • Superior Proven Products
  • Little or No Staffing Needs
  • Strong Appeal to both Urban and Suburban Clientele
  • Your Choice - Operate from Home or Showroom
  • Detail-Oriented Training & Ongoing Support
  • Committed, Experienced and Highly Motivated Franchisor
  1. Will I need to open an expensive high visibility retail location?

ANSWER – No.  In fact, our franchise was specifically designed to provide you with the flexibility of either operating out of your own home or a showroom-type facility featuring colorful photos displays and an impressive 800 square foot deck

With our innovative program, you can easily start your business by operating right out of a spare room in your own home.  All you really need to get started is a small desk, dedicated phone line and phone, basic computer, filing cabinet, fax/copier, and various related office supplies.  That means you can be up and running in a surprisingly short amount of time (and for far less initial expense) as compared to many other popular franchise offerings.

While you are free to operate for as long as you want out of your own home, should you wish to eventually expand the size and scope of your business, you are welcome to at any time.  Our support team stands ready to offer assistance and guidance in uncovering and securing a great showroom location.  These display facilities are typically 1200 to 1800 square feet and can be located in a more affordable site options such as an industrial center, professional flex space or even a strip center.  Each showroom includes both deck and fencing displays, as well as 12 styles of railing options, and has very limited ongoing inventory requirements.

  1. Do I need a background in construction or experience as a contractor?

ANSWER – Your sole role in this franchise is to generate orders and provide superior customer service.  Because you are not going to be the one who handles the actual construction on any project you sell, you really don’t need any kind of industry expertise.  In fact, we prefer to train professional communicators with little or no construction background and without well-established bad habits and ineffective operating procedures.  Therefore, it is much more important in the final analysis that you come eager to master our comprehensive program, willing to follow proven systems and procedures, and ready to build an exciting future with our innovative, multi-faceted and comprehensive franchise opportunity.

  1. What is included and how long will it take to get started?

ANSWER – Everything needed to create your new business and generate initial positive business activity is included in this comprehensive franchise opportunity.  There are no hidden costs, no overlooked equipment, and no sudden surprises.

Our exclusive franchise program allows you to concentrate your valuable start-up time, resources and efforts on effectively mastering our step-by-step franchise development program.  In a fraction of the time it would normally take most independents to open their door for the first time, you can already be focusing on expanding the size and scope of your new and growing business.

With our comprehensive training program and highly detailed operations manual, along with expert assistance from our trainers and franchisee support team, you can quickly be well trained, properly equipped and organized, and moving forward in generating positive business activities from your very own home.

  1. Where do I get my products and supplies?

ANSWER – Great American Deck Builders (GADB) will arrange and provide for proper delivery of all materials, products and supplies to be used in fulfilling your clients projects.   While we usually use state-of-the-art composite building materials, we can easily provide the appropriate wood materials to meet your client’s needs and desires.

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